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Su-Yu Tsung (92 academic year)
Research on the Three-dimensional Visualization though the Stereo-image of Holographic
Mei-Yi Chiang (92 academic year)
The Depth of Spatial Research in the Holographic-Stereo Contour Map
Che-Sheng Lin (93 academic year)
Research on the Spatial Representation of Surrealism Through the Stereo-image of Holographic
Yu-Sheng Huang (93 academic year)
The Application and Display Research of Progression in the Dotprinter Holographic System
Zheng-Yu Jian (94 academic year)
A Study on the Visual Representation of Holography Illuminated by LED Light Source
Don-Yi Lin (94 academic year)
Strengthen the Legibility of Dot-Matrix Holographic Images by Using Pixel Concept
Zhong-Jie Liu (94 academic year)
A Study on the Holography Applied on the Haircut Design and Teaching Material
Chi-Ya Huang (95 academic year)
A Research on the Recognition of Chinese Character in Holography
Hao-Jun Chan (95 academic year)
The Application of Holographic Arrow Signage on the Emergency Exit System
Fan Hsu (96 academic year)
A Research on the Real-time Projetion of Stereo Image
Yi-Yu Lai (96 academic year)
A Study of Holographic Point Construction Applied on the Astronomical Projection